Tapping the potential of agriculture value chains in Amhara, Ethiopia

The Programme for Agro-Business Induced Growth in Amhara regional state (AgroBIG) is a bilateral agribusiness development programme financed by the Ethiopian and Finnish governments. The Bureau of Finance and Economic Cooperation (BoFEC) of Amhara region is the responsible government coordinating agency of the Programme.


The overall goal of AgroBIG is to contribute to ensuring that agriculture provides decent livelihoods to the people in rural Amhara regional state.

AgroBIG supports agribusiness in eight districts (woredas) around Lake Tana in Amhara region: North Achefer, South Achefer, North Mecha, South Mecha, Bahir Dar Zuria, Dera, Fogera and Libokemkem.

To achieve the stated goal, the Programme supports interventions that improve the competitiveness of market actors and stakeholders along selected agricultural value chains.

Income generation and job creation through market-oriented farming and local agro-processing is targeted.

The Programme provides access to finance and financial services, and strengthens the capacities of value chain actors, particularly women and youth.

AgroBIG is now in its second phase, which will run for 4.5 years (July 2017-Dec 2021) and is designed to sustain the gains and achievements of the first phase, and further strengthen agribusiness development.

Download AgroBIG brochure here.