AgroBIG finances Bahir Dar Terminal Market

Staff of AgroBIG with the award
The opening ceremony of the Bahir Dar Terminal Market took place on the August 13th 2022. During the opening festivities, AgroBIG and other partners were awarded with a trophy for the financial contribution towards the establishment of the terminal market. Present at the ceremony were representatives from the Regional President’s office, Heads of Bureau of Trade and of Finance, representatives from AgroBig 2 led by the Project Director, Mr. Berhanu Ayichew and other high-level officials.
The Bahir Dar Terminal market was jointly financed by World Bank, Amhara Regional Government and AgroBIG. Out of the 22 blocks that were constructed, two (mainly for horticulture products) were financed by AgroBIG. In addition, AgroBIG provided capacity building support (e.g. exposure visits to Oromia region) to prepare organization and management modality for the market.
Already 360+ wholesalers and retailers have signed off-taker and rental agreements with the enterprise.
AgroBIG was one of the financiers of the Terminal Market