Job opportunity:

National Finance Advisor for AgroBIG Programme

Overall role: Responsible for results-based planning, implementation and monitoring of activities that relate to the Programme’s matching grants for agribusinesses and to provision of loan finance to farmers and other agriculture value chain actors through Savings and Credit Cooperatives. In line with the Programme core objectives, responsible for developing the strategy, plans, instruments and guidelines, and their implementation to ensure an equitable access to finance by farmers, agri-MSMEs and other beneficiary groups, and that the financial products match with the needs of diverse clientele. 

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Job opportunity:

Business Development Advisor for AgroBIG programme

Business Development Advisor/Cluster focal (BDA/CF), as a new member in the AgroBIG Programme Technical assistance team, will be responsible for facilitating technical support and capacity building for small-scale entrepreneurs, farmers, farmer groups and primary cooperatives in agribusiness development, business planning and management. Particularly women and youth are targeted. Moreover, the advisor will support sector offices in three woredas to coordinate and supervise AgroBIG activity implementation and reporting. AgroBIG targets eight woredas in total, located east and south of Lake Tana.  

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Affordable farm technologies promoted

AgroBIG has been piloting affordable farm technologies developed by Aybar Engineering PLC in Addis Ababa. These tailored implements have been availed by the Programme to target districts for testing and demonstration, and have been found to save farmers’ time, energy and money. The technologies also help to reduce negative environmental impacts, while increasing crop productivity and quality.

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AgroBIG Mid-term Evaluation and Annual Results Monitoring Survey

During April 2019, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and the Bureau of Finance and Economic Cooperation of Amhara region selected an independent expert team to undertake the mid-term evaluation (MTE) of the second phase of AgroBIG. The AgroBIG annual results monitoring survey has also just been undertaken from 27 May to 3 June.

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Training equips extension staff with tools to tackle gender inequality at grassroots level

“In the family, the husband is viewed as the repository of household knowledge. By empowering women, there will be two sources of knowledge, which will enhance learning and uptake of new practice by all family members. If I can at least show five women farmers that they are good enough, that will be meaningful to make a change”, states Ms Mantegbosh Awoke, a 23-year-old agriculture extension agent in Ambeshen kebele (ward), North Achefer.

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Women committed to scaling up Good Agricultural Practices in their kebele

Ms Asmogn Gashu, 50-year-old mother of seven, is a lead farmer engaged in tomato production in Gug kebele, North Achefer. She explains that joining the Farmer Field School (FFS) scheme has opened up a whole new world: “Earlier I was staying at home. Now I am out and I meet different people and am learning from different experiences. Also, I am becoming more assertive in my communication and my ideas.”

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