Cooperative bazaar attracts buyers and sellers in Bahir Dar

A cooperative bazaar and exhibition was organized by the Cooperative Promotion Agency in Bahir Dar between 29th May and June 4th 2019 with the objective to promote and connect with buyers and above all stabilize unusually high prices for urban consumers.

A member of Lamebora dairy cooperative from South Achefer district serving milk for customers to sample.

A number of cooperatives from AgroBIG intervention areas, including multipurpose, irrigation and dairy cooperatives participated and brought their produce to sell. Ribb and Tana Cooperative Savings and Credit Unions also attended to promote their financial services to prospective new members.

Agricultural inputs and mechanization service providers and suppliers were on-site too, to network, display and promote their services to cooperatives and potential customers. The Consumer Cooperative Union from Addis Ababa joined the bazaar to source products.

Residents of Bahir Dar were attracted to the bazaar by the quality and fair prices, as compared to the artificially distorted prices in the main market, where traders were selling staples such as teff and potatoes for almost double the price. The cooperatives attending the bazaar were barely able to meet the high demand of visitors!










There was particularly high demand for competitively priced staples such as cooking oil, teff, rice, and vegetables. Teff, for example, was selling for about 90 Euros (3000 ETB) per 100kg at the main market in Bahir Dar, while at the bazaar the same amount of sifted and cleaned teff offered by cooperatives cost 80 Euros (2,600 ETB). Cooperatives still managed to cover their costs and make minimum profit margins.

More support is needed for cooperatives to increase their capacity to process and supply diversified value-added products.

The cooperative bazaar is organized annually. Its main purpose is to promote agricultural products and create long term market-linkages between buyers.