COSACU employees receive training on leadership and management

During December 13-16, 2019, managers and experts of three Cooperative Savings and Credit Unions (COSACUs) were trained on Leadership and Management. The training was co-organised by Amhara Cooperative Promotion Agency (CPA) and ABIDAB consulting company with the support of AgroBIG. The content was tailored to match the needs of Tana, Adera Densa and Rib COSACUs which are all key partners of the AgroBIG programme.

The four-day training covered topics, such as Participation and Adult Learning Principles, Organisational Development of COSACUs and Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs), Leadership and Management of SACCOs, Business and Innovation, Product Development and Marketing, as well as Planning, Mentoring and Coaching.

COSACU Leadership & Management training in Dangila.

The objective of the training was to provide the unions with practical tools for their work in SACCOs’ capacity development. It will be help them in supporting SACCOs to properly manage revolving funds, increase their savings and credit outreaches and ultimately increase their membership numbers and capital, and above all, their member service delivery.

The wrap up session was chaired by CPA Deputy Manager, Ato Getnet Amare. He highlighted that the Agency will follow up and monitor the performance of SACCOs and COSACUs in the upcoming months and provide the necessary support to develop their operations.

A total of 30 experts and managers, nine of them female, took part in the training carried out in Dangila.