Medium-size grants

Support to farmers and enterprises

This matching grant fund is meant to enable medium-size agribusiness investments within the AgroBIG supported value chains, such as, but not limited to the following: Small-scale irrigation development including drip irrigation and greenhouse technology, farm processing equipment and mechanized field services, farm input supply development, dry season crop production for marketing in the off-supply season, secondary processing of food products, effective machine handling and capacity utilization, adjustment and maintenance, costs for obtaining Ethiopian Standards Agency (ESA) standard certificates, or other relevant certifications, provision of coaching in business management, creation or renovation of food distribution outlets.

Purpose of the grant fund: Provide value chain actors with access to finance and financial services and to strengthen the sustainability of their enterprises.

Eligible applicants: Farmers, farmers’ groups, cooperatives, medium enterprises, private entrepreneurs and public institutions from North Achefer, South Achefer, North Mecha, South Mecha, Bahir Dar Zuria, Dera, Fogera and Libo Kemkem woredas, and engaged in value chains supported by AgroBIG. Female applicants and farmer groups and cooperatives with high female membership are given priority. Proposed project should be located within 100 km radius from the AgroBIG programme area.

Own contribution: 50% (half of which can be provided in kind)

Maximum grant size: 1,500,000 ETB


The grant fund has a two-phase application process; first a concept note, and if it is approved, a full proposal. Applications for grant funding are invited through a series of Calls for Proposals that will be communicated to potential applicants through the AgroBIG PSU, this website, and advertised in the regional newspaper “Bekur”.

The concept notes and full proposals shall be submitted to the archive section of the Finance and Economic Cooperation office of the district in which most of the proposed projects’ activities will take place.

Applications are evaluated by Woreda Technical Committee (WTC), recommended by Woreda Steering Committee (WSC), and awarding decided by BoFEC.

Women and youth in particular are encouraged to apply!

Remember to regularly check the AgroBIG website for more details and when funding opportunities are open! Browse our grant guidelines below for more information.

Learn more about the Medium-size Grant Fund here: