Market linkages forged between buyers and producers

AgroBIG has invested in creating strong market linkages between buyers and sellers, which benefit cooperatives and their members. This January, the programme supported two market forums in Amhara region. Producers and traders met to explore new market linkages, and exchange views on how to address supply chain bottlenecks.

The first of these, the 6th Regional Agricultural and Industrial Output Marketing Forum, was held in Debre Markos on 13-14th January. The event was organized by the Cooperative Promotion Agency, in collaboration with the Bureau of Trade, industry and market development.

The second market linkage forum was held in Dangila on 29th January 2018, and was organized in collaboration with North Mecha woreda Trade, Industry and Market Development office.

The market linkage forums were well attended by producers represented by cooperative leaders and union managers on the supply side. On the demand side, traders, institutional buyers, consumer coops and processers were present.

Much discussion was devoted to challenges related especially to quality and marketing of produce, and coordination between stakeholders along value chains. Supply and demand estimates were made for each agricultural commodity cluster. The promotion of financial market linkage among cooperatives for output marketing also took centre stage.

An important outcome of the forums was the signing of contract agreements between cooperatives and some big buyers to supply maize, rice, potato and onions.

As Mr Ayichew Kebede Social Development and Capacity Building Advisor of AgroBIG concludes: “The forums provided an opportune moment to build trust between producers and buyers and improve quality, consistency, delivery time and volume of required amounts at agreed prices for mutual benefits.”