The Amhara Agricultural Forum brings together key actors in agricultural research and development

Is investment in solar powered technologies economically viable? How can household irrigation better serve women’s needs? What drying techniques are the best for reducing post-harvest losses in maize?

These questions and more were tackled at the second Amhara Agricultural Forum held on 16th January 2018 in Bahir Dar, where AgroBIG was also invited to present key lessons learned in the development of agricultural value chains.

Stakeholders from across the agricultural spectrum collaborate around the current and future state of agriculture in the region.

The theme of this years’ Forum was “Small scale irrigation and agricultural technologies for sustainable development in Amhara region”. The event was attended by a large number of researchers, development actors and notable officials.

Participation in the forum was an opportunity for AgroBIG to forge relationships with key actors in agricultural sector.

Of particular interest to AgroBIG were the results of a study on the response of onion irrigation water use and yield to conservation agriculture under different irrigation scheduling in Western Amhara.

Results showed that grass mulching can increase onion yields and save water- a sustainable practice which the programme could potentially replicate in selected programme woredas.

The next Amhara Agricultural Forum will be held in December 2018.