Maize is Ethiopia’s leading cereal in terms of production, and the crop is also produced by the vast majority of AgroBIG target households as both a food and cash crop.

Within the AgroBIG target area, North Achefer and North Mecha districts have the largest areas under maize, with households dedicating about 0.6 ha area to maize production on average. Farmers in the area produce about 37 quintals of maize per hectare on average (2020).

Most maize farmers used improved maize seed, as well as chemical fertilizers. While existing handling practices vary from farmer to farmer, maize supplied to the market is often processed into the local alcoholic drink, areke. The animal feed and food processing industries can be considered as emerging markets for maize and maize-related products like starch, industry level alcohol, and food oil.  

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Extract from the Maize Value Chain Analysis

Video on how AgroBIG has supported formerly unemployed youth to engage with providing maize threshing services to farmers in Mecha district. 

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