Ethiopia has a very high potential for potato production and close to half of the country’s current potato production comes from Amhara region.

Potato is most commonly cultivated among AgroBIG farmers in North Achefer, North Mecha, and Fogera districts. Ware potatoes and potato seed are cultivated.

Ware potato tuber yields average 106 quintals per hectare in the AgroBIG target districts (2020). Lack of adequate storage, packaging, and processing facilities contribute to low yields.

Potato can generate more employment in the farm economy than many other crops and serve as a source of cash income for low-income farm households. Market opportunities are emerging for potato as a popular source of affordable food for growing urban populations. It can also offer opportunities for processing at an industries scale, for instance for starch.

Seed potato supply has, as yet, not been taken up by the seed companies and has thus been overlooked in the formal seed system. Consequently, the informal seed system still prevails in much of the country.

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